Official Sponsorship Form

Thank you for being a sponsor for our annual run! Run Llewellyn 2018 raises money to fund additional teaching resources in classrooms and art enrichment at Llewellyn Elementary School. Please follow the instructions below to make your online pledge. After the Run on May 1st, you will receive an email letting you know how many laps your sponsored student ran and providing instructions on how to honor your pledge by completing your online payment.

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Please enter a sponsorship amount and then select whether the amount entered is a per lap pledge or a flat amount regardless of laps run. If you are sponsoring more than one student, enter the amount per student you wish to pledge. You will be able to select more than one student below. If you wish to have a different sponsorship amount per student, please submit two separate forms.
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Select the student or students you wish to sponsor from the drop down associated with their teacher’s classroom. Classrooms are sorted by grade. If you wish to pledge different amounts for different students, simply complete separate online forms.
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